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28 June 2009 @ 05:21 pm
i went to prague and it was fantastic. i just got a new camera (the old one was broken) and i was taking pictures having a fantastic time in the beautiful city. you can really just enjoy yourself by walking around. there is so much to look at and see!!! the last night that i was supposed to be there i packed all my stuff up and went to bed early around 930 cause i had to get a train at like 6. i woke up in the morning and my whole purse was gone. usually i sleep with everything on me / under my pillow. THIS ONE TIME I DIDNT. There were four doors you needed a key for to get in and so I assumed it would be okay this one time, and that was the time that my entire purse was taken out of the room. All the thing inside?? my beautiful journal and my new camera were the things i was most upset about. but also my visa check card and my passport. drivers liscence and my eurail pass, not to metion the purse itself and many less important but still useful things. so it has been pretty hectic and i have finally got everything back on track. I have a new eurail pass, and new visa card, and a temporary passport. 
since prague i have gone to berlin and and back to vienna. now i am making my way down to greece!!!

AAANND reina got a ticket to come visit me. so now i am happy again and not stressed out!!! yay!
17 June 2009 @ 12:22 pm
I was in Bruges for two days. Which is probably the right amount of time for the city. Sometimes you leave a city thinking I really wish I could have seen that, other times you are there for too many days. I think Bruges in a day and a half is the perfect amount of time. It is really a beautiful city. Everywhere you turn there seems to be something worth seeing, but after sometime it seems a little fake. Of course it was beautiful but there is absolutely nothing new. There are some strict building regulations with in the center area. Of course there are new buildings but they all are made to look old. It is over run with tourists. Which the locals accept and deal with very nicely. But it became a little annoying for me even though I was another tourist. The things I saw? The lace makers, which was very interesting, but mom pumped it up so much I think I was a little let down. No worries though. I also went to the Belfry, 366 steps to the top. The most perilous unsafe looking steps that you can imagine. I almost toppled down 3 times. It scared me so much watching these older people climb the stairs. I was sure one would fall and I wouldn't be able to stop them and we would both fall all the way down to the bottom. I also went to the CHOCOLATE MUSEUM which was yummy because I got good belgian chocolate. Also the fry museum. Yes french fries are not french but belgian. In WWI there were belgian officers who were giving fries to some American troops, and they were speaking in french so the became known as french fries rather than belgian fries. Which I must say the aliteration is better, even if it is wholly truthful. I also went to the art museum. It was nice but all the paintings were the same style and wasn't really interesting for me. I also so the Church of the Holy Blood which is where they display Christ's Blood. Kinda silly I thought, but everyone was really into it. The canals are all very pretty and the town is something from another time, but when you go it feels as if you are trapped in time and it is nice to leave.

I feel as if I have been on trains non stop though, Which is why I have stayed in Vienna longer. So I took a train from Bruges to Brussles. Then from Brussels to Köln. And then an overnight train to Munich. Then I was in Munich for a while, I saw the Rezidenzmuesum. Which is the old palace of the Bavarian rulers. It was of course enormous and ornately deocarated. As well as the Schatzkammer. And then I had to catch another train to Leoben where Hannah's parents live. So we were there for her brother's birthday and we saw here home town and when to Graz which was nice. We climbed this cliff and looked out over the city. Then on Saturday we came to Vienna.
WOW Vienna is gorgeous. All the buildings are so beautiful. Anywhere you look. Hannah gets all excited taking me around and showing me the city. We went to a Cy Twombley exhibition at the Museum of Mordern Art. It is in the Museums Quartier, which is really just a square with about 7 museums in and around the square. It is right across from Heldenplatz, which is where Hitler looked out over the square. I have seen so many things in the past few days I dont really know what to say. I have been utterly exhausted each night when we get home from walking all over the place. The public transport here is very nice though. Subway, trams, and buses. Just within the city area. I've seen art museums, about 3 different palaces, old streets, austrian cafes, beautiful buildings. I must say the KunstHausWien was the coolest. You should totally visit if you ever go to Vienna. WOWOWOWOW there was a Picasso show why I was there but we just saw the Hundertwasser part. WHich was TIGHT!

17 June 2009 @ 11:48 am
Sorry I know that is has been a really long time since I posted. I have been writing in my regular journal because I don't have internet access available everyday.

I finally started traveling. Real traveling not just weekend trips. I am in Rouen, which is in Normandy in France. It is pretty expensive, similar to Paris, but without all the things to do. I am seriously just going to buy all my food at the store and then carry it with me because it is so much cheaper. There is a dance party going on down the street. They have this huge DJ stand in front of the cathedral. Everyone is wearing costumes and I don't really know what it is for. D-Day wasn't exactly a joyous day and on it's anniversary they are just having a huge party. It is weird in a way because Obama is only 75 km away or something like that. not far at all.
But I was in Paris the other night. It was really a nice expirience. And if I didn't already know a lot more about Paris then I might have liked it, Paris I mean not the expirience. I was on the subway (Metro) and there was this jazz group. Not so much a group but a bunch of strangers. One guy started playing a sax and then there was a guy with a trumpet and a women with a flute. And some strings eventually. So this man just started playing and one by one these other people seemed to just appear. And they gave everyone a little concert on the metro. It was really nice. People would get off and then others would get on. I stayed longer just to see more of the group. A few people did. And there was dancing and someone sang for a bit, and it was just a really bizzare moment that I will always remember.
The last night in Paris people from the hostel were going up Montmatre. Which is really just this bump in Paris. Everywhere in Paris is just kinda flat except this area. It is close to the Moulin Rouge. But we decided to go up the steps and sit at the top in front of Sacre Coeur. There were fire dancers and people doing tricks and painting. It has become the sort of artsy neighborhood. Well now more touristy but in the 20th century, particularly at the beginning of the 20th c. it was where everyone came to paint paris and the the parisian lifestyle.
Then I went to Giverny. Monet's Gardens. You have to take the train to Vernon and then a bus to Giverny, but the Gardens were beautiful seriously (check out the facebook album. just friend me to see them)  His house is covered head to toe in Japanese prints and paintings. There is a room with his stuff but I am pretty sure they were put there post mortem., where as the prints I believe were there in his lifetime.
I have been using a lot of French since leaving, which is good. But sometimes I hear my garbeled sentences and I am just like what did i just say. I hope it stays with for the next three months, until I am in another classroom.
I went to the D-Day beaches yesterday (the 7th) Mont St. Michel, where I was supposed to go for the first part of the day was too far away and the trains weren't often enough because it was a Sunday. So I went to Omaha beach, The weather was terrible until I walked out on the beach and then all of a sudden SUNNYYYY. It cleared up in a matter of seconds. It was really strange though. You can see some of the old scraps on the beach but mostly off the shore. The buses werent working though because it was still the festival for the event. Because D-day is really three days the 6,7, and 8th. So I had to pay for a cab, I split it with a few people going out to the same place. It was really expensive but I was already there and I could not just not go. It was nice being there on the anniversary there were parades and also there were old veterans who came back and I got to listen to the account of a man. It sounded horendous, I hope I never have to face something like that. The platform and everything from Obama was still there which was strange. I was sooo close to seeing him. But I asked people about it and they were saying it was next to impossible to get in. So even if I was in town on that day I doubt I would have been able to see him. I will leave for Bruges in a few minutes...

I will try and update again later today about Bruges and Vienna because I have been in Austria for about a week. All this happened 10 days ago.
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